Perineoplasty Los Angeles


The perineoplasty procedure is a surgical repair of the area between the vaginal opening and the anus. This procedure is often done in combination with vaginoplasty. The perineum area is vulnerable to damage especially during childbirth due to stretching of the perineal muscles and tears and/or episiotomies that accompany vaginal births.

The procedure involves both removing excess skin and tightening underlying muscles. The area is fortified and the vaginal opening is narrowed. Perineoplasty can yield results including improved sexual function and appearance that approximates a pre-baby look.

Patients seeking this procedure often present complaining of a gaping or open look to their vagina. Some experience excessive dryness and inability to keep a tampon in place because of the opening. Also women complain of hygiene issues that arise because their anus is so close to the vaginal opening.

Perineoplasty can restore the correct size of the perineum. It is performed under local anesthesia, in-office. A six to eight week recovery can be expected during which activities like sex, tampon use, soaking in water and heavy lifting are prohibited.

To discuss how perineoplasty can address your concerns contact our office to ask questions and to schedule your consultation.

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