Vitamin Shots at the Aesthetic Center

Labiaplasty Center of Los Angeles

A little pill won't do the trick, but a shot will help the vitamins stick.

Vitamin Shots

$25 – Vitamin B12 Shot

Caffeine is so last year…what’s really going to give you a kick of lasting energy is a B12 shot. A single injection will give you tons of energy and a fatigue free

$40 – Vitamin Power Shot

Loving your energy but want some extra pep in your step? The vitamin power shot is a combination of many B vitamins that boost your whole system

$45 – Lipo Complex Shot

This little shot is our weight loss wonder. It helps detox, and de-stress your body and remove fat all while giving your metabolism, energy and immunity a boost. Buy 3 get 1 FREE.

$175 – Myers Coctail

This amazing hydrating IV treatment contains a cocktail of IV fluid, Vitamin C, Magnesium and six B vitamins. It helps to give your body energy, boosts healing and immunity, fights infection and fatigue.


The Myers Cocktail contains many vital nutrients that you probably have heard about but you may not have heard just how important they are to the smooth functioning of your body. Infusing vitamins directly into your bloodstream achieves blood levels up to ten times higher than taking oral vitamins. The IV infusion is mixed in sterile conditions and given over a time period of 15-30 minutes, right in the comfort of our office.

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