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Improve and Repair Damaged Hymen


Hymenoplasty is a procedure which repairs a broken, torn, or damaged hymen. It is requested by some women, couples or families mainly for cultural or religious reasons. Dr. Poucher respects the confidential and private aspect of this procedure for her patients and ensures the whole process is permanently and completely confidential.

Hymenal tissue is very delicate and often small pieces of this delicate tissue is all that remains once it has been ruptured. Because of this, it takes very skilled and experienced hands to rebuild or repair a hymen. Dr. Poucher is an expert and has performed many hymenoplasty procedures.

The procedure is performed in office under local anesthetic and the appointment is usual 30-60 minutes. Optimally, allow the hymen to heal for 6 weeks but we have had urgent cases where 2 weeks of healing with rapid absorbing stitches were successful.

Abstaining from inserting anything into the vagina is recommended following the procedure until the patient is ready to have her hymen broken. This procedure has a 95% success rate of causing bleeding with intercourse or insertion of anything into the vagina.

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