Vaginoplasty Los Angeles

Labiaplasty Center of Los Angeles

Dr. Poucher performs vaginoplasty to tighten stretched muscles and eliminate additional undesired vaginal skin. This allows the vagina to appear smaller and have a tighter opening and canal. Dr. Poucher will perform a specific exam with you and ask questions to determine the degree of tightening appropriate for your anatomy and goals.The tightening procedure is conducted on the entire length of the vagina. This procedure is most commonly performed in conjunction with Perineoplasty to achieve the ultimate tightness and results. The treatment is performed with local anesthesia.

Dr. Poucher uses the Ellman Surgitron Radiofrequency device at her Los Angeles office to enhance the vaginoplasty experience and ensure surgical precision. The technology allows for reduced injury to surrounding tissue, minimal scar formation, enhanced healing, and minimal post-op pain.

Vaginoplasty can be completed in 60 minutes. The results include both cosmetic improvements and benefits for sexual functioning.This procedure is performed after the patient has been cleared as a good candidate. To learn if you are a candidate for vaginoplasty,please call our office to schedule a consultation.

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