What to Do on National "O" Day

We're talking about BIGGER, BETTER, MORE FREQUENT O's, friends - and how exercise can play a role in your satisfaction. And yes - we're talking about it on National Orgasm Day! How fun is that!?

As a women’s health specialist, I want a lot of things for my patients - and better sex is on that list.

Besides the obvious, quality intimacy can improve your stress levels and mood, help you sleep better, lower your blood pressure, improve your immune function, and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

While there’s lots women can do to improve the quality of their intimate experiences (lube, clear communication with their partner, non-invasive treatments that can improve tone and tightening of the vagina), today I want to chat about exercise.

Why? Because it’s entirely in your control - and has incredible benefits of its own. If I can encourage my patients to exercise and be intimate more often, I call that a health win!

Here’s why today’s the day to start walking, going (back to) the gym, and/or lifting weights.

Get Sweaty So You Can “Get Sweaty”

My patient summarized it perfectly last week: “I’m huffing and puffing five minutes into it - and not because I’m having a good time! It’s because I’m out of shape!”

While nearly every body can have fulfilling, positive intimate experiences with proper accommodations, bodies that get frequent cardiovascular exercise may be better able to reach the Big O.

A moderate cardiovascular routine can build energy and stamina for longer sessions that can increase overall pleasure and connection.

Get Lifting for a Boost in the Bedroom

As a surgeon, I want my female patients to lift weights because numerous studies have shown that women lose, on average, 3% to 8% of muscle mass each decade after the age of 30.

Weight training also helps with acquiring or maintaining bone mass, depending on age. For women 30 years old and greater, weight training will help maintain their bone mass. Those younger than 30 can still build bone mass with proper weight training.

Lifting weights can help reverse these dangerous trends

But strength training - when combined with a stretching routine - can also help build muscle and improve flexibility so you can get into (and maintain!) satisfying intimate positions, too.

Win win!

K is for Kegel Squeezes

You just knew it was going to be on this list, right!? Specialists promote Kegel squeezes so frequently because you can do them anywhere - and they work! The stronger the muscles, the more intense your orgasms - so get Kegel-ing!

There are numerous tutorials online, but here’s the summary.

First, identify your pelvic floor muscles by stopping urination midstream. Later, you’ll want to tighten these muscles - sort of like you’re lifting a marble. It’s often easiest to get the hang of Kegels while lying down to start. You’ll lift for three seconds, release for three seconds, and then begin again. While you’re practicing Kegels, do your best to focus on the pelvic floor muscles - not the muscles in your stomach, thighs or butt. Once you have the hang of it, try to do three sets of 10 to 15 each day with a goal of holding for 10 seconds. Remember: Pull up, then in!

I recommend using a handy app or device with notifications to remind you it’s time! You’ll see the greatest results with consistency - so set that timer!

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