Vaginoplasty FAQ

Labiaplasty Center of Los Angeles

How do I prepare for vaginoplasty surgery?

An examination will be conducted prior to the procedure. You will discuss with the doctor the details of the treatment, anesthesia options, potential risks, complications, and site of the incision. We recommend you avoid taking certain drugs, medications, and avoid smoking activities before the treatment.

What happens during vaginoplasty?

The vagina is tightened through a surgical procedure. This is accomplished with the removal of excess vaginal lining and tightening of the surrounding soft tissues and muscles.

How long is the process?

A general vaginoplasty procedure takes between one to one and a half hours to complete.

Can the surgery be performed with anesthesia?

Patients can choose to have vaginoplasty under conscious sedation or general anesthesia.

What are the recovery procedures?

You may experience discomfort around the surgical site for a few days until it eventually dissipates. You will be provided with prescription pain medications and antibiotics to treat any discomfort. You must wait six weeks for a full recovery. After 3-4 days, there should be no discomfort and you should be able to shower. Avoid any sporting activities or intense physical routines until 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

What are the risks and complications?

Complications resulting from vaginoplasty are rare. A scar may appear, which can take a few weeks to fully disappear. There may be a risk of infection resulting, but they are uncommon and can be eliminated with prescribed antibiotic medication.

When is it safe to resume sexual activity after vaginoplasty?

Sexual intercourse can be resumed six weeks after the surgery.

When can I return to work after the surgery?

Most patients resume their work routines within 2-5 days following the procedure.

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