Labiaplasty FAQ

Labiaplasty FAQ

What does labiaplasty involve?

Labiaplasty involves a surgical removal of the labial tissue and providing cosmetic adjustments to create a smaller more natural labia appearance.

Will the procedure cause lower sensation during sexual intercourse?

A successful procedure that does not scar the clitoris should not result in any changes in sensation. In contrast, women have reported enhanced sensations during sexual intercourse after the procedure.

Who is qualified to perform the procedure?

A gynecologist specializes in operating on the female genitalia. Regular plastic or cosmetic surgeons do not have the experience to perform advanced procedures on the labia or vagina. Improperly performed treatments can result in scarring and pain during intercourse.

When can I return to work after the surgery?

Most patients resume work in 2-4 days after the surgery with restrictions. Restrictions include no heavy lifting or sporting activities for 2 weeks and no sexual intercourse for 4 weeks.

When can sexual activity be performed after the procedure?

Sexual activity can be resumed 4-6 weeks following the surgery.

How many appointments are required for Labiaplasty?

Generally, labiaplasty requires one consultation prior to the procedure and 1-2 postoperative appointments to see the best results.

Does labiaplasty affect childbirth?

Labiaplasty does not have any influence on the childbirth process.


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