How to Recover from Labiaplasty Surgery

Your Results will be Beautiful when You Follow Recovery Guidelines

You’ve taken the most difficult step…you’ve mustered the courage to seek out consultations, selected your highly-experienced and qualified surgeon and have finally had the labiaplasty procedure you’ve likely been dreaming of for years.

Now what?

Next to selecting a highly-skilled surgeon, the most important part of a successful and seamless labiaplasty journey and flawless results is a smooth, easy recovery.  

This is where you have the chance to contribute and positively affect your results.

The recovery process begins immediately following surgery. Just as the last stitch is placed, your first dose of a non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication is given.  

The next step is donning a pair of period panties and beginning your first session of icing within 15 minutes of the procedure ending. Icing three times a day for the first two weeks of healing will not only reduce swelling but will decrease discomfort. One icing session is marked by 20 minutes of ice applied to the labia, with a cloth barrier to protect the skin, removing the ice for 20 minutes, then repeating that process once more.  

At the Labiaplasty Center of Los Angeles, we know the recovery process is crucial. That’s why we have developed a recovery bag filled with proven products that will aid in recovery.

Arnica pellets are provided to aid in healing; they can decrease bruising and inflammation. We encourage use of a NSAID for one to two weeks following the procedure. We do discourage use of any narcotic medication, as narcotics notoriously cause constipation, which is not only miserable but can hamper healing. In case of narcotic use - and even in the absence of its use - stool softeners are a great addition to the post-procedure routine.

Our byDr.Poucher Soothing Spritzer, Everywhere Balm, Fabulous Foam Wash and Wonderful Wipes are not only a luxury to have for recovery but a much-beloved necessity. That’s why we’ve included them in our post-care kits, too.

The Soothing Spritzer does just that - it soothes the labia and vulvar tissue instantly by adding moisture, calming chamomile and green tea extracts.  

To keep the wounds clean but undisturbed, we recommend showering up and lathering soap on the mons - the soft pubic area just below the bikini line - and rinsing the suds down with water, allowing it to trickle over and through the surgical site. Our Fabulous Foam wash is perfectly pH balanced and infused with healing ingredients, so it works great post procedure.  

The Everywhere Balm comes in handy when healing wounds start to itch, as it relieves that sensation. The Wonderful Wipes are a great way to gently stay clean and fresh as the healing proceeds.

The most important factor to promote quick healing and beautiful results is having a positive, worry-free attitude. Trust that following instructions and letting your body heal will aid in you achieving the results you can’t wait to see. Healing is just a few weeks away!

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