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PRP Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Before you think about getting a breast augmentation procedure, consider the minimally-invasive breast lift treatment by Dr. Poucher.

Breast Lift Treatments:

  • Increase breast sensitivity
  • Perfect your self-image
  • Help you gain a new, youthful look
  • Activate new, natural growth

All without resorting to plastic surgery or fat grafting.

Isn’t it frustrating how little gym time affects the shape and size of your breasts? It’s a hard fact of life that we can’t do much to make them sculpted and firm like we do our legs, thighs, and abdominals. For those who choose to pass on surgery (which comes with considerable downtime and some amount of risk involved), breast lift is the new answer.

Breast Lift Results

Bear in mind, breast lift will not glean the same type of dramatic results a fat graft or breast implant will yield. Our purely rejuvenation process is for women who are happy with their breast size, but wish to rejuvenate the skin and restore fullness, even regain sensitivity in areas where it was previously diminished. breast enhancement also creates new tissue production by activating growth factors which result in better cleavage and breast fullness.

Breast Implants Are the Old Gold Standard

So get with the new standard. Nothing against a breast augmentation procedure performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. But, in our opinion, all natural is the new gold standard. Breast lifts leave no evidence behind, no scarring, and it’s all you in the end. Sure, you’re not going to double your breast size overnight (many patients do report increasing one cup size, though), but the breast lift will round out and shape your bust. Full results can be seen in about 2 months —  the breast lift is a progressive treatment!

Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Poucher

Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation. Together, we’ll discuss what you stand to gain from a treatment like the breast lift. Let’s get to the new you together, today.

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