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Patient, Labia Minoraplasty

Dr. Poucher’s Labia Minoraplasty patient is delighted with the beautiful results she has achieved. Her procedures deliver an outcome that will leave you more confident and feeling less self-conscious. Labia Minoraplasty can be performed with a local anesthetic and/or minor oral sedation if necessary.

Geneveve™ By Dr. Poucher

Dr. Courtenay Poucher explains and breaks down the Geneveve procedure for restoring vaginal tightness, relieving vaginal dryness, and treating urinary incontinence.

*This video may be inappropriate for some viewers.

Geneveve™ Treatment Technique

Dr. Poucher showcases the Geneveve procedure by demonstrating its technique. Geneveve is a procedure targeting the restoration of vaginal tightness and treatment of urinary incontinence.

Dr. Poucher on The Doc and Doc Show On KHTS discussing ThermiVa and Labiaplasty

Dr. Poucher featured on Santa Clarita’s radio station KHTS discussing vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty in September 2016. Schedule your consultation by calling (800) 791-9085

Part 2 of Interview

Labiaplasty Procedure – Dr. Courtenay Poucher, MD, FACOG

Labiaplasty performed by Dr. Poucher in her Los Angeles office promises to be a painless, comfortable, and fulfilling experience. She is a board certified doctor with years of actual patient experience. Schedule your consultation by calling (800) 791-9085

Doctor’s in the spotlight

Dr. Courtenay Poucher has been featured in the media numerous times discussing a variety of medical and health issues. These include certain health risks that can obstruct vaginal functions, pregnancy, reproduction, and digestion. She appears in media to raise the awareness of female reproductive organ health.

Dr. Courtenay Poucher Labiaplasty Specialist

Dr. Courtenay Poucher of the Labiaplasty Center of Los Angeles discusses how she sculpts her patient’s vagina to achieve the look desired by her patients. She is an experienced labiaplasty expert using the most innovative and modern techniques to deliver a beautiful, long-lasting result.

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