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Los Angeles Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty Los Angeles

Health feature: When You Tear “Down There”

It’s “Ouch!” when it happens, but even years later, “down there” childbirth tears can cause physical and emotional discomfort.  Now there is a solution – and it only takes about half an hour.

Perineoplasty involves surgical reconstruction of the area between a women’s opening and rear.  This area is the most frequently damaged area during childbirth through natural tears and/or episiotomies.  By excising excess skin and stitching the muscles beneath, this area is significantly fortified and the opening narrowed.

Some will note an enhanced romantic experience following the procedure.  Often, plastic surgeons will perform this surgery and deem it a vaginoplasty.  It is frequently performed in conjunction with true vaginoplasty.  It is an in-office surgery done under local anesthesia and takes approximately 30 minutes.

Dr. Courtenay Poucher is a Los Angeles preeminent expert on aesthetic vaginal surgery.  For more information on Dr. Poucher, click here.

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