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$1,000 Off Vaginoplasty Los Angeles Online Special

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Labiaplasty Los Angeles

Monthly feature: Pellevé

Some call it “The Lunchtime Lift.” Pellevé is a revolutionary treatment for skin wrinkles that enables you to look better and feel better, with minimal down time or side effects.

It feels like a warm massage, but it’s much, much more. Pellevé precisely applies advanced radiofrequency technology to heat the deep layers of your skin. There’s no damage to the top layer of skin, and meanwhile the precision application of heat causes the collagen in your skin to tighten and contract.

Your skin then naturally produces new collagen, reducing wrinkles and leaving your skin feeling firmer and tighter. Pellevé is FDA-cleared, and many people see results immediately, after just one Pellevé treatment.

Some patients even say they have received a Pellevé treatment during the daytime and gone out on the town the very same night. It really is that simple — no downtime, no anesthesia, no preparation and no aftercare. Pellevé tightens and smoothes skin in under an hour, and you can reapply makeup immediately afterward so you can return to work or play.

Pellevé patient Grace, a new mom, says the absence of downtime was a big factor for her. She has a busy schedule, and she’d noticed some new wrinkles after that period of diminished sleep most new parents experience after the baby comes home.

“I do have crow’s feet, and I do have imperfections that I am self-conscious about, and I was looking for a treatment that would improve all those imperfections and not give me a lot of downtime,” Grace says. “I was so excited that after the treatment I noticed immediate results, and I was able to get back to work, and get back to my baby, and get back to life.”

Most laser rejuvenation treatments produce significant redness, swelling or crusting after treatment. But Pellevé is a safe, physician-applied, virtually painless alternative that’s less expensive and less hassle. While some patients may experience a little mild swelling or redness, these symptoms typically resolve themselves within a few hours of the procedure.

It’s a comfortable procedure, too, but we do require the patient’s feedback during it, so it’s important not to apply anything to your skin beforehand. Just come in with a clean face — no makeup, and no topical anesthetics like numbing gels. You should also avoid taking any other pain medications prior to the treatment.

Pellevé offers a high level of precision, so it’s great for tightening of skin and treatment of wrinkles in areas where precision is especially important. At the Labiaplasty Center of Los Angeles, we use Pellevé to treat facial wrinkles, including those around the eyes and mouth, as well as sagging skin under the chin. Lines on the forehead, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the mouth — they are all suitable candidates for a rejuvenating Pellevé treatment.

It can also be used directly on the lips, to rejuvenate them and give them a slightly more plump appearance, and on other areas such as the neck and hands. You should see results after just one or two treatments, but for the best results it’s recommended to undergo a series of three treatments, about a month apart. Results can be subsequently maintained with a single treatment every six months.

And, Pellevé treatments are respectful of your busy schedule in more ways than one: A facial treatment can be completed in less than an hour. Treatments for the neck, hands or chest can take even less, sometimes as little as 20 minutes.

They don’t call it the Lunchtime Lift for nothing!

Dr. Courtenay Poucher is a Los Angeles preeminent expert on aesthetic vaginal surgery.  For more information on Dr. Poucher, click here.

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